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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your anime accessories!!!!!!

 You are a Otaku. I know it. You know it but now we have to shout it out to the whole world!

Every legit Otaku will have anime accessories, and some are more creative than others. Anime accessories can be very expensive though, seriously why are they so expensive? If you are on a budget however, you can do two things, you can either make them yourself or you can scour the internet for great deals. I would like to help with you find such accessories.

Phone charms are very nice and cute, but....they are a bit boring. Want a nicer, cheaper, more creative way to bling up your phone Otaku style? Bedazzle the bejesus out of it!
Bedazzled Cell-phone case as Hollow Ichigo from Bleach (courtesy of  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bleach-Mask-Crystals-Cover-Case-Motorola-Atrix-4G-MB860-/190594246770?pt=PDA_Accessories&hash=item2c604d6872#ht_2553wt_1664)

You can either make these yourself or you can buy them on Ebay.com. They are all super cheap, this case in particular only had a one cent bid, and if you want to make it yourself the little crystals can be found in the dollar store. The only difference is the level of convenience and the level of creativity you want to put into it. 

If bedazzled phones aren't your thing however then maybe you can try a different approach. How about a cute phone case instead? 

                                           Kawaii Anime Themed Kero iPhone and iPod Phone Case
Phone case based on Neo a Cardcaptor character (courtesy of http://www.etsy.com/people/faerhann)

This cute little thing not only shows off your inner Otaku it also is very convenient. For those of us who are prone to dropping our phones this case is a must. The case is easy to make and for those of you who are good at sewing then perhaps making your own would be a good way to go. If you are not so handy with a needle then you can buy it off of Hana's etsy shop.

If you wouldn’t like to give your phone so much attention, or if perhaps you don’t have a phone, then these two might not be your thing. Do you have hair? If you do then you might like these next two interesting and unique everyday ideas.
Hair clips based on Neon Evangelisis head pieces ( courtesy of http://www.xinxingshop.us/product_1535.html)

These hair clips can be used every-day as actual hairclips. This is the perfect way to not just be stylish but also to creative with your hair. Unfortunately these are kind of impossible to make by hand (you are more than welcome to prove me wrong) so buying them from a cosplay store might be your only option.
If you are not a big Neon Evangelisis fan however then maybe you can try something like this.

                                      Gurren Lagann Hair Clip Yoko Fraulein Cosplay Barrette - Click Image to Close
Hair clips based on Gurren Lagann’s Yoko Fraulein’s hair clips (courtesy of http://www.cnanimetoy.com/gurren-lagann-hair-clip-yoko-fraulein-cosplay-barrette-p-2214.html)

These are a lot simpler than the Neon Evangelisis one, and even though they don’t hold as much hair they are still awesome. This hair accessory is super easy to copy, or to make a different version of.  All you need is a small anime knick-knack and a hot glue gun.

If you feel that accessories like the ones above are too ‘girly’ then maybe you should try a sticker, or more specifically a computer skin.  These nice little  skins can range from three dollars to over 10. 

                              One Piece cartoon Symbol Logo Vinyl Sticker Wall Art

This website makes all kinds of skins, but what makes this website extra cool is that they take special requests. This means you can ask them to make you a unique skin about any anime! Once you have your anime skin, your anime wallpaper, and your anime account icon you can say your computer is as Otaku as you. 

Hope you liked my anime accessories. Comment below if you have accessories that you think are even more unique than the ones on this blog. 

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