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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kawaii Halloween!

Everyone loves to dress up for halloween! For all the anime lovers out there halloween is more than just a day to dress up as a sexy vampire or as pillow stuffed hulk. It is a day to show off our inner Otaku! But which anime character to be?

This is an age old question for any anime fan, and a very tough one to answer. With so many awesome costumes out there it's very hard to decide what to do or who to dress up as. Instead of wasting time explaining the reference of your awesome costume to the less enlightened population, try to keep your costumes simple and easily recognizable. The following are my top picks for awesome anime, manga and video game inspired costumes.

#1. The Sailor Moon anime

Sailor Moon (photo courtesy of Hottopic.com)

Sailor Moon is one of the most recognizable anime that is still a genuine anime in every term of the word. It is hard to find an anime fan who has not heard, watched, or loved Sailor Moon. Even people who are not fans of anime might have watched Sailor Moon when it was aired on Cartoon Network.

Why is this the number one on my list though? Well first off this costume not only is easily recognizable but it is also very flattering to every female shape and size, even cross-dressers have looked very good in this costume.

 The second reason why it is number one on my list is that this costume is being sold by hottopic. Anyone can go into one of their stores, try on the costume, see what size fits them best, and buy it on the spot. You don't have to wait or pay for shipping.

My last reason for having Sailor Moon as my number one spot is that this is a very versitile halloween costume idea. You can make it a single costume, or you can have a Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon's fiance) and make it into a couple's costume. Or, you can go all out and have your tight knit group of friends join you as Sailor Scouts.

#2. Pikachu

Pikachu costume (courtesy of Rakuten global market)

Pikachu is one of those costumes that looks good on everyone no matter your age, sex or size. A pikachu costume will immediately grant you cuteness. Also it is easy to be creative with your pikachu costume. It can be cute and cuddly like the one in the picture above or it can be simple and sexy with yellow underwear, body paint, and some nice arts and craft work.

#3. Mileena and Kitana or Subzero and Scorpion

Mileena and Kitana costumes, Scorpion and Subzero costumes (courtesy of Costume Supercenter.com)

Mortal Kombat is one of the oldest and bloodiest fighting games ever made. In my opinion being the oldest in the game (no pun intended) isn't what made them so popular. The thing that made Mortal Kombat into a fighting video game legend is the flair all the characters have.

Who can forget the over the top sex appeal that Mileena and Kitana have always had throughout the video game franchise? Mileena's sensual signature flips and Kitana's coy yet intimidating sword tipped fans have made these two perhaps the most recognizable female video game characters.

The only two players that can rival Mileena's and Kitana's fame would have to be Scorpion and Subzero, both of which are more intimidating than an AP calculus class. These costume duos put a unique and a bit of a sinister twist to the twin costume idea. So grab your closest most Otaku friend and try one of these costumes, both of which are available already made online.

#4. Ryu and Chun-Li

From left to right, Ryu costume (courtesy of windycitynolvties.com) and Kung Fu Cutie costume (courtesy of 3wishes.com)

If Mileena and Kitana were the twin costume idea then these two would be the perfect costume idea for couples.Street Fighter is what many people call Mortal Kombat's rival. Unlike Mortal Kombat however, Street Fighter's claim to fame has much less to do with the flashy costumes and more to do with the actual game play.

Chun-li is the first female to be in a fighting game. Talk about girl-power! Ryu is the first person player in the very first edition of Street Fighter and has kept his fame (and hot looking body) since. Both characters have the most awesome (and famous) signature moves, don't require weapons or props and can be found already made online.

#5. Pretty much anything from Miyuzaki

No face (spirited away) costume (picture taken by joyreid on Deviantart.com)

The miyuzaki films are so well known that most people can understand what movie the picture above refers to. Although this costume is not available online or in stores it is very simple to make, its kinda of a upgraded version of Casper. This costume is unisex and has such a high level of originality that one would probably never see a costume repeat of this in their life.

So these were my top picks for anime inspired costumes. Leave any comments or costume ideas below and tell me how your Halloween turns out!

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  1. Sailor moon is a classic! At the moment though I have seen many people planning to be someone from Black butler. If all goes well, Im hoping to be Madam Red this year! It's all so exciting! The dressing up of the masses! Anime is here baby and its coming at our culture hard!